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Great News! Anthem VA Will Again Offer Individual Plans In The Whole State Of Virginia!

You can again sell Anthem VA individual ACA plans in all counties in Virginia!

Click here to view the map of counties in Virginia for a full picture of Anthem's re-entry.

Anthem has added a new Silver plan for individuals, and the plan will be available in select areas. Click here for a quick plan description and the list of areas in which the new Silver plan will be offered.

Be sure to click here for Anthem's individual Specialty products (Life, Dental & Vision). Specialty products can be sold year-round.

Anthem individual plans will be available for viewing by October 1st when your prospects and clients can start window shopping plans.

ACA coverage will be offered On-Exchange and Off-Exchange, but remember that the only reason to sell On-Exchange is if your prospect/client qualifies for a subsidy.

EffectiveCarrierNew Business Deadline  Note(s)
10/01/2023Anthem (Medicare Supplement)09/29/2023  
10/01/2023Anthem (Individual)09/13/2023  1
11/01/2023Anthem (Individual)10/13/2023  1
11/01/2023Anthem (Medicare Supplement)10/31/2023  
12/01/2023Anthem (Medicare Supplement)11/30/2023  
12/01/2023Anthem (Individual)11/13/2023  1

1This is the date in which the carrier must receive the application. Please give M.T. Donahoe adequate time to process the application prior to the deadline.


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