Small Group Medical
MT Donahoe & Associates is now appointed with UnitedHealthcare on DC Health Link!

Our quoting tool will now allow you to easily compare all DC based small-group plans among all carriers in one spot. In addition, our quoting tool will offer UHC Life Insurance rates in flat amounts of $25K and $50K – we can accommodate different amounts per your request. In addition, any UHC dental or vision plans must be written off-exchange through our new business department.

If you have any current UHC groups enrolled on DC Health Link, or in the process of submitting a new piece of UHC business on DCHL, please select MT Donahoe as your General Agent – once you select us, we can begin serving your account like we do for the other carriers. For your convenience, click here for step by step instructions for assigning MT Donahoe & Associates as your General Agent.

EffectiveCarrierNew Business DeadlineRenewal Deadline  Note(s)
10/01/2023DC Health Link (Group)09/01/202309/05/2023  
10/01/2023UnitedHealthcare MD/VA (Group)09/12/202309/08/2023  
11/01/2023UnitedHealthcare MD/VA (Group)10/11/202310/10/2023  
11/01/2023DC Health Link (Group)10/01/202310/05/2023  
12/01/2023DC Health Link (Group)11/01/202311/05/2023  
12/01/2023UnitedHealthcare MD/VA (Group)11/09/202311/09/2023  
01/01/2024UnitedHealthcare MD/VA (Group)12/12/202312/08/2023  


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