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After you've put time and energy into selecting the best benefit plans for your clients, you want enrollment to be easy. That's why Mutual of Omaha is transforming enrollment – taking the burden off you and your employers, and making it easier for employees to make educated benefit decisions. Our suite of enrollment services provides the freedom to personalize an enrollment process to fit a company's culture, budget and needs.

We'll do the work. You enjoy the benefits.

Enrollment Solutions that Work include:

  • Pre-enrollment communications
  • Personalized forms for initial and ongoing enrollment
  • Educational employee materials
  • Professional bilingual enroller support
  • Online enrollment
  • Initial payroll deduction and enrollment files

Find out more about Mutual of Omaha's commitment to making enrollment easy and cost-efficient. Contact me directly at:

Lindsay O'Dea
Employee Benefit Professional
Mobile: 410-961-3126
Office: 301-608-2483

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