Renewals and Commissions:
W​e are pleased to offer an exciting bonus program.

Renewals incentive:​

For all December and January small group renewals (minimum of 2 groups) totaling:

  • 50+ lives please select ​one of the gifts below
  • 100+ lives please select two gifts or a $1,000 gift card


2017 Sales commission:​

  • Individuals: $14 PSPM (on or off exchange)
  • Small Groups: $30 PSPM (vs $27, beginning 12/1/16 and for renewals)
  • Large Groups: built into the pricing formula

What's in the news?

Evergreen’s board of directors voted unanimously to allow the company to be acquired by an outside bidder.

Why is Evergreen becoming a for-profit company?
Even though Evergreen was profitable for the first five months of 2016, we found ourselves in a difficult financial position earlier this year because of the federal government’s “risk adjustment” program. This required us to pay $24 million to CareFirst. We believe Risk Adjustment is deeply flawed and, thus, are suing the federal government. But in the interim, we are required to make the risk adjustment payment and, to do so, we needed outside capital.

Does this affect the company’s philosophy or mission?
Absolutely not. Evergreen will always value patients more than profits. Evergreen’s mission when it was founded four years ago was to provide high-quality health insurance and health care at affordable prices. The additional capital will allow us to provide even higher quality services while keeping our rates as low as any company in Maryland.

Who’s the bidder?
The bidder will be officially announced in November after Evergreen completes a conversion process to for-profit status.

Is this good?
Yes! This keeps Evergreen in the state health insurance market and maintains greater competition.

What about for members?
The transition for members “will be seamless.” The bidder likes Evergreen’s integrated health model and its products so there’s no negative effect on the company or its operations. In fact, we’re quite confident this is the best avenue for members and expect we’ll provide even better services because of a more robust financial situation.

Who will run the company?
Evergreen will continue to be run by Dr. Peter Beilenson, the company’s founder and CEO, and the same management team that is currently in place.

Will Evergreen still be Maryland-based?
Yes, we will continue to be headquartered in Baltimore, with primary care offices in White Marsh, Baltimore, Columbia and Greenbelt.