DentaQuest Broker Update

It's a win-win-win situation.
voluntary dental plans are as good a deal for your clients and their employees as they are for you. Effective immediately, DentaQuest guarantees you'll get at least 50% participation on any new group you sell! And if not, we'll pay commission as if you did.

You can't lose with DentaQuest voluntary plans. Your clients get a
no-cost benefit their employees will value, and you're guaranteed
commission based on 50% enrollment with any new group you sell.
It doesn't matter if fewer than 50% enroll. Our only requirement is
that a DentaQuest representative conduct a mandatory enrollment meeting at the account location.

It's no wonder DentaQuest is the second largest (and fastest-growing) plan in the region. For information on our unique Voluntary, Access ePPO, PPO, and Dual or Triple option plans, please contact me, Casey Hedden, at 240.790.3008 or Or visit

I look forward to hearing from you. Good selling.

Casey Hedden, Sales Executive
4061 Powder Mill Road, Suite 325
Calverton, MD 20705

P.S. With DentaQuest's 2009 Sales Rewards Program, there's no limit to the prizes you can win. (If you prefer, we'll make a donation of equivalent value to the charity of your choice.)

Program details: The DentaQuest 2009 Sales Rewards Program runs from February 1, 2009, through January 31, 2010. Registered brokers are already enrolled. All prizewinners will be contacted. Any questions should be directed to your DentaQuest representative. In cases of dispute, all decisions made by DentaQuest are final. DentaQuest employees and their family members are not eligible to participate. Brokers agree to disclose this sales incentive to their clients upon request.

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DentaQuest provides dental benefit programs to employers, unions, and associations located in Maryland and Washington, D.C., through DentaQuest Mid-Atlantic, Inc., and to those located in Virginia through DentaQuest
Virginia, Inc..

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