CBIZ M.T. Donahoe & Associates, LLC


Second Quarter Benchmark Report


At Combined Insurance Worksite Solutions, we believe that insurance protection is more than just
offering appropriate and affordable products. Equally important is the service we provide.


We strive to provide excellent service beginning with the initial meeting with one of our representatives
and continuing throughout the entire business relationship.


To demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent service through the entire sales relationship,
we regularly perform internal service audits. From this process we have established a number of
service standards benchmarks. 


Our key service standards are:
• Case Set-up
• Application Processing
• Premium Processing
• Service Calls
• Claims Processing
• Enrollment


The publishing of these benchmarks is to illustrate to our clients and business relationships where
we stand in each of these important areas of service and to challenge us to meet or exceed the set
expectation of each area.